Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PICTURE perfect.

Just look at that 45!
 With a greater online presence emerging into today’s culture, comes a greater obligation to always look your best wherever a camera may be involved! And this is where the physical art of the 45 degree angle comes into play to create the perfect pose.

This pose can be used when you’re looking chic with your sorority sisters, clad in a formal dress! When you’re getting ready for that half marathon race, the bearathon,  in your running gear! The stance even works in such a way as to prop yourself up when you’ve had a little too much punch on a Saturday night! 

Even MOTHERS can do it!
Just what every gal has always wanted: the most flattering posture for every photographic occasion! Everybody's doing it...

You never know when the pose will be
middle of a Madrid night club!
So what is this camera-ready carriage that has taken over facebook profiles everywhere? It’s simple! All you have to do is put your hand on your hip! That’s it! Immediately one is transformed into an arrangement of poise and beauty.
One trick of the trade to always look like you are having fun is to hold your friends hands and jump off the ground! Action shots rock. It’s almost like you need to be anchored to the ground because you are having such a blast.

…and of course, you have to make sure someone always has a camera! If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen! You went on spring break where? Obvs not! Where’s the photos!?
(I have fallen to the picture pose, as seen from these pictures. I was looking at pictures before I came to college, and in not a single one of them am I making sure my hips are still attached. In one of my past sorority meetings, we had a “workshop” that was supposed to help everyone always look their personal best. What was said to keep the cameras clicking? The 45….I'm officially a "Baylor gal" pictures)

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