Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Wives Club.

I walked into a party where the girls were downstairs gathered in the kitchen cooking food and the guys were upstairs drinking and watching football. The gals would take food out of the oven, set it nicely on trays, walk it upstairs for the boys to devour, and then go back downstairs for salacious gossip and to fulfill their womanly duties of feeding their men…

Welcome to Baylor, where if you don’t get a good education, you will at least get a ring by spring and MRS degree. Well, of course if you don’t find your Lacoste and Sperry clad-man, you’re not totally doomed. You could get a job or something but let’s not get too aggressive.

While I wanted to be in the boys’ crowd upstairs, I am the newcomer in the group. And so, I left my boyfriend with the fun crowd and gleamed my pearly whites in the direction of the housewives in training…for at least ten minutes or so.

“Can you imagine a world without men?  No crime and lots of happy fat women.” 
                                                                        ~Nicole Hollander

Baylor gals are a different breed, and many (oh, don't get offended, not ALL!) have their vision set on marriage and being the trophy wife. Is it another southern culture phenomenon that I haven’t grasped yet? A Baptist thing? A Baylor thing?
Men will never have to be faced with how to balance birthing children and a career; this is something most women have to make choices and sacrifices about. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. 

Am I bashing the elementary ed and home-ec majors? Heck no. I'm a communications major, let's be real. But Baylor women are notorious for getting hitched, or at least being on the prowl.

Anyways, I have not applied for membership in the wives club, and after my ten minutes, I went upstairs, had a brew, and pretended like I knew what football is all about.


  1. Jessica! I am from California and as you can believe, I was more than shocked when I saw this going on. Girls talking about having to find the right one, and I didn't even know what ring by spring meant. I think that when it happens, it happens and there is no need to rush.

  2. This was absolutely hilarious! And so so soooo true. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Jessica! I have to say, I'd totally be in the same position as you if I had been there... haha anyways, well written and LOVE your blog!