Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's be real now, Baylor.

"Good night"

 Truth be told...
+It’s not official unless Facebook says it is.
+Nike shorts and Uggs don’t make sense.
+If your class is full of football players, get excited for a future ‘A’ ("stereotypes.")
+ “It’s alright,” is not a sufficient response when someone says they’re not in a sorority. It’s a preference, not an oppression. Oh, and it’s Baylor, not UT.
+The fact that you’re gaining a Baylor degree is an advantage; the reputation is there for a reason. Not only that, but the teachers, and general class atmosphere is superior to most.

+If you’re at a party and a shoe gets thrown out of the window, it was probably a good night. However if you are at a party and a table and chairs set gets thrown off the balcony, it was probably a bad night.

Baylor Highlights:
+Seeing the live Baylor bears get walked on a leash around campus.
+DIA: A holiday as awesome as Christmas morning that starts just as early.
+Collins flying saucer=Taco Bell with grade-A meat.
+Professor Korpi’s “F” word lecture in mass communications. One poor gal even went to the dean about this… “It’s just a word.”
+Christmas on 5th. Tell me another university that has a live stable, a concert, a Cinderella carriage, cider, and Santa Clause all in one night.
+Studying abroad…read my other blog.
+Penland worker, Pearl. She’s a gem!

Baylor Lowlights:
+No Greek row. Rumor has it that a lady paid Baylor a large sum of money to ensure this will never be in existence.
+Spring Break. It is never the same as other schools, probably in an attempt to limit the damages a week of college without class can bring. (However, this may change next year?)>Baylor Bookstore.
+Baylor Police. They’ll pursue through barbwire, fences, a forest…
+Those automated messages when someone with a weapon is trailing around our campus. Or robbing someone.


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