Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What every Baylor student should know but doesn't...

Baylor memorial of the Immortal Ten

The Immortal Ten: On January 22, 1927, Baylor basketball athletes, coaches, and fans were on their way through heavy rain to a game in Austin. Seconds before impact, Jame Clyde "Abe" Kelly saw the train, and pushed his roommate, Weir Washman, out of the bus window at the expense of his own life. Ten died that day, including Kelly, and the 1927 basketball season was canceled. The Immortal Ten mark one of the first sports tragedies to shake America, and they are honored during Baylor’s homecoming week every year.

Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana: “For church, for Texas” is what Baylor’s motto, originated in 1851, forever will proclaim on the University seal.

Baylor Bears iPhone app: Yep, it exists. Here to show you live scores, stats, rosters, schedules, photos, play-by-plays…
Noze Brotherhood
NoZe Brothers: The NoZe brotherhood was founded in Brooks College in 1924 after a group of freshman Leonard Shoaf’s friends said that they could “form a club” surrounding his nose which was of "such great length and breadth of nostril.” (What a great way for Leonard to be remembered on Wikipedia.) The identities of the members in this collegiate society are kept secret, however former members with notoriety include Bill Cosby "Bro. J-E-L-L-NoZe,” George Bush (43rd President), Billy Graham, and our current Baylor Pres. Ken Starr "Bro. Non Hostis HumaNoZe Generis." The society dresses up in costumes, plays pranks, and in 1954 started its satirical spoof of Baylor’s Lariat, called The Rope. Let me quote Wikipedia once more, “In NoZe lore, there are four types of people in the world. Members are NoZe Brothers; non-members are ‘Infidels’. ‘Fortunates’ are infidels who have had sex with a NoZe Brother. ‘Exiles’ are NoZe Brothers who have graduated or otherwise left the University.”

Green n’ Gold: Our University’s colors were selected in1897 after a student committee member gazed at wildflowers and noticed that the yellow and green flowers make “a lovely combination.” Aw…

Ken Starr is so legit.
Chapel: Has always been a part of Baylor since the university opened. Originally faculty went along with the students, and it was every day instead of twice a week for two semesters. Be thankful. Plus, I completed homework, caught up on sleep, AND listened to the dude who created Veggie Tales. My favorite quote from his talk? “Imagine trying to convince a board that talking vegetables teaching Biblical lessons is a good, money-making idea.”

Ken Starr: If you don’t know he’s our University President, get out from under your rock. What not as many know is Starr was on the Independent Counsel whose investigation led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Go Getta’…

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